Saying- “Thank-You”



“Thank the LORD because He is good.
His LOVE continues forever.”
Psalms 106 : 1 

“WORSHIP” –  is when we are aware that what we have been given
is far greater than what we can give.

Prayer and Praise – We can commune with God at any time,and any place.
He is always present to hear us.
So comforting to know that we can tell Him
anything and everything.  Our fears. our hopes, our joys-
The Lord wants us to share them with Him= like you would to a friend.

Even though God knows our needs even before we ask –
our highs and our lows – He still wants us to ask Him.
Above all we should-  “Praise Him in Prayer”-
Let this be our Worship daily.

Today – I have a lot to Praise and be thankful for-
as the Lord has seen me through another year of my life –
I have been blessed with health and so much more- .

I do hope that you too will spend time with the Lord-
with thankfulness and praise – for His Blessings.



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