“Remembering- Fallen – Hero’s”…

“I do not pray for these alone,

but also for those who will believe in Me through their word”.
John 17 : 20

A Tribute to ANZAC Day

With their hair a little whiter, their step not quite so sure
Still they march on proudly as they did the year before.
Theirs were the hands that saved us, their courage showed the way
Their lives they laid down for us, that we may live today.

From Gallipoli’s rugged hillsides, to the sands of Alamein
On rolling seas and in the skies, those memories will remain.
Of airmen and the sailors, of Lone Pine and Suvla Bay
The boys of the Dardenelles are remembered on this day.

They fought their way through jungles,
their blood soaked desert sands
They still remember comrades who rest in foreign lands.
They remember the siege of old Tobruk, the mud of the Kokoda Trail
Some paying the supreme sacrifice with courage that did not fail.
To the icy land of Korea, the steamy jungles of Vietnam
And the heroic battle of Kapyong and that epic victory at Long Tan.

Fathers, sons and brothers, together they fought and died
That we may live in peace together, while at home their mothers cried.
When that final bugle calls them to cross that great divide
Those comrades will be waiting when they reach the other side.

Ken Bunk

As we remember the Fallen Hero’s –
We have to remember the “ONE” who died in our place.
Are we living to please ourselves? –
or are we living to please Him?
Jesus is saying – “LOVE them for My sake.”.

Think of the “Diggers” who went to war-
but never came back to their loved ones.
They have ‘paid the price for their country’.
May they get their reward. R.I.P.


Honoring the ‘Digger’s – on ANZAC Day.

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“I Am the Ressurection..”

he arose


 “I am the resurrection and the life.
He, who believes in me, though he may die,
he shall live.”
John 11 : 25

On the Sunday morning the women
came to the tomb bringing spices.
As they approached the tomb-
the big problem on their mind was-
“Who shall roll away the stone?”

 But Before that:-
“And, behold there was a great earthquake for the
angel of the Lord descended from heaven.”
“His Countenance was like lightning,
and his raiment white as snow”-
“With fear the soldiers did shake-
and became as dead men.”

The angel rolled away the stone and said-
Son of God, come forth;  Thy father calls Thee”.
They see Jesus come forth in majesty and glory-
the angel host bow low in adoration before the redeemer,
and welcome Him with songs of praise.

The graves that were opened on Friday
when Christ died – now when Christ rose
-many righteous dead- came forth from their graves.
as a witness that He had risen.
Those saints came forth glorified-
chosen and holy ones of every age-
from creation down to the time of Jesus;
to testify and declare His glory.
Later these people were seen by many-
saying ..”We be raised with Him”.

The women–feared that their enemies
had taken away the body;
Suddenly they beheld two angels in white.
They told them the news that Jesus was not there -He had risen,
They instructed them to go and tell the disciples the news.
He would go before them to Galilee.
With fear and great joy the women hurried
back to the sorrowing disciples-
to tell them all they had seen and heard.
They ran hastily to the tomb – John and Peter-
rushing in-they saw the tomb empty- so they returned –
marveling at what they had seen and heard.


1mary & J

Mary- lingered by the tomb.
She looked again into the sepulcher-
and she broke down in bitter weeping.
As she turned away she saw Jesus standing near-
but she did not recognize Him.
He spoke to her tenderly
inquiring the cause of her weeping.
Thinking He was the gardener she begged Him
to tell her where he had laid Him.

Jesus spoke to her- “Mary.”-
Recognizing His voice she said,
“Master”- and wanted to embrace Him.
Jesus said- “Do not touch Me-
I have  not yet ascended to my Father-“

But go and tell my disciples and ‘Peter ‘ that I go to my Father-
and I will meet them in Galilee,”   – John 20.
Joyfully she hastened to tell them what she had seen and heard.

Jesus ascended to His Father-
Angels- surrounded the Son of God.
They lifted the everlasting gates-
that the king of Glory might come in.
Jesus was in the presence of His Father-
“This is my Son- in whom I am well pleased.”

Then Jesus returned to earth-
to meet His disciples as promised. He gave us HOPE.




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“God so LOVED the World..”

                     jesus b


“For God so LOVED the world
that he gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him
should not perish but have eternal life”.
John 3 : 16

It was after midnight when the mob led Jesus out of Gethsemane
and headed for the palace of Annas- {ex- high priest.}
Next he was taken before Caiaphas – the high priest.

Only the Roman authorities could sentence a person to death.
So he was taken before Pilate and Herod –
but neither of them  believed Jesus to be guilty.
But they lacked the courage to defend Him
against the angry mob.

Finally Pilate gave the mob a choice between
Christ and Barabbas a criminal.
– One would be set free, and the other crucified.
The people made their choice.
Barabbas would go free, and Jesus was led to Calvary.

 Prophecy according to Isaiah 53-
“The crowds like wild beasts dragged Jesus away;
They stripped Him;  Mocked and scourged Him:
They put a purple robe on Him
and a crown of thorns on His head
and a reed in His hand.
They spat on Him and bowed

the knee before Him saying-
“Hail King of the Jews”
Then they put His own clothes on Him
and placed a cross upon Him
and led Him to Calvary. When He could not carry it
-Simon of Cyrene , was compelled to carry it.

Mark 15:15-
Says it was about nine o’clock in the morning when,
after a sleepless night, the Roman soldiers
placed Jesus on the cross between two thieves.

Jesus Crucified –They brought Him to a place
called Golgotha –
and there they Crucified Him –
Nailed to a cross- between two thieves.
They cast lots and divided His garments-
And above His head they put a sign up-
”This is the King of the Jews.”
It was about 9 o’clock in the morning-
Jesus had had no sleep all night..

 Seven times Jesus spoke from the cross

1 ~To the Jews and Roman Soldiers who condemned Him He said-
*” Father forgive them,
for they do not know what they do.”

2 ~To the penitent thief on the cross –
*”Assuredly, I say to you today,
you will be with Me in paradise.”

3 ~ To His Mother*”Woman,  behold your son”! 
And to John– ” Behold your mother.”

4 ~ Feeling His separation from his Father – He said,
*”My God, My God-  Why have you forsaken Me”?

5 ~ According to Scripture, Jesus said-* “I thirst”

6 ~ After refusing the vinegar they gave Him.–
Jesus announced-

7~ After six hours on the cross- Jesus said-
*”Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit.

Jesus- was that Passover Lamb – Dying for mankind.

It was the ultimate “Sacrifice” Thank God for this!

itis finished

Before sunset on Friday –
Jesus was laid to rest in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.











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“Triumphal Entry..”

easter T enr

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion!
Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem!
Behold, your King is coming to you;
He is just and having salvation,
lowly and riding on a donkey, a colt,
the foal of a donkey.”
Zechariah 9 : 9

Five hundred years before Jesus’ birth,
the prophet Zechariah
foretold His “Triumphal  Entry”

-which took place at Jerusalem
the Sunday before the Resurrection.
It was the Passover season-
and therefore hundreds of thousands;
of Jews may have been in Jerusalem  at that time.

Jesus came riding on a colt
as was the Jewish custom for a royal entry.
This day which seemed to the disciples
the crowning day of their lives.
– would have been shadowed with gloom
had they known that this rejoicing
was only the beginning of what was to follow-
the suffering and death of their Master

Never before had the world seen
such an entry procession.
Unlike the processions of an earthly conqueror;
There were the captives of Satan
set free by a loving Christ.

The blind who had received their sight
marched behind the resurrected Lazarus-
guiding the donkey. The mute whose tongues
had been loosed by the Healer’s power
shouted the loudest ‘hosannas’,
and the restored cripples waved
their palm branches- vigorously.

The shouts went up continually,
“Hosanna to the Son of David;

Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord;
Hosanna in the highest.” 

It meant to them “He has saved us.”

When the Pharisees, jealous of His popularity,
complained about this demonstration-Jesus said-
“If these should keep silent,
the stones would immediately cry out”.
{Luke 19:40}

When the procession reached the brow of the hill-
They could see before them Jerusalem,
and the Temple came into view,
its marble and gold tinted splendidly
by the setting sun.
Jesus halted with the multitude.
Its stately grandeur seemingly pointing to heaven.
The Temple had been the pride and
glory of the Jewish nation.

Jesus gazes upon the scene –
the multitudes hush their shouts.
All eyes turned to the Savior,
expecting to see admiration in His face as they felt.
But they were surprised and disappointed
to see His eyes fill with tears- while an anguish wail
burst from His quivering lips
– as if of a broken heart.

In the confusion of the commotion
between priests and the Roman officers-
Jesus unnoticed made His way quietly
to the Temple before returning to Bethany-
where He spent the night in prayer.

Today,I want to pause and reflect on this experience.
A moment of joy for the crowd –
hoping that this was their King- but that did not happen
Today, we can rejoice that the “King of Kings’
– has made a triumphal entry into our hearts and lives.

{Quotes from ‘The Desire of Ages”.}


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easter palm


“It will be Remembered..”


“She has done, what she could.
She has come beforehand
to anoint My body for burial.”

Mark 14 : 8

The night before the “Triumphal  entry”-
Jesus attended a feast at the house of Simon.
A leaper- healed earlier by Jesus.
It was on this occasion that Mary Magdalene
broke a box of alabaster and anointed
Jesus with this costly ointment.
And dries his feet with her hair.

Others who were there criticized her,
but Jesus defended her saying   –
“Wherever this gospel is preached
throughout the world,

what this woman did will be spoken
of as a memorial to her.”

Mark 14 : 9

Why did Jesus give such emphasis to her deed?
Why did He say to-“tell about it everywhere”?-

1. She was a sinner who had been forgiven by Jesus.
2. She loved her Savior.
3. She put her love into action.
4. She had a sense of urgency.
5. And she did what she  could.

Every one has Spiritual ‘gifts’ – given by God –
to be used in service for others.
We cannot all do the same things-
as we have different gifts.
But we all can do something!

If we all used our “gifts’- to help others-
think what would happen.

May He also say to us- that we did what we could.

Have a Blessed SABBATH.

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love the Lord












“Shining in Darkness”



“I have  come as LIGHT into the world,
that everyone who believes in Me
may not remain in darkness.”
John 12 : 46

Jesus came to dispel the gloom and misunderstanding
about His Father- God.
Speaking of Jesus, John said-
“In Him was life and the life was the light of men.
– And the light shines in darkness…” John 1:4-5

The “Message” is clear-:
We receive His life by receiving His Word.
The Words that I have spoken to you are
spirit and are life.” John 6:63

Although Jesus in not here with us today-
His Word is.  Through its pages -” The Bible”-
The human mind comes into contact with the divine-
Spending time in God’s Word is important.

It is a privilege to have the Lord rise upon us
and reveal His glory in us.
He will speak to us-  through His WORD!


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light world