“It will be Remembered..”


“She has done, what she could.
She has come beforehand
to anoint My body for burial.”

Mark 14 : 8

The night before the “Triumphal  entry”-
Jesus attended a feast at the house of Simon.
A leaper- healed earlier by Jesus.
It was on this occasion that Mary Magdalene
broke a box of alabaster and anointed
Jesus with this costly ointment.
And dries his feet with her hair.

Others who were there criticized her,
but Jesus defended her saying   –
“Wherever this gospel is preached
throughout the world,

what this woman did will be spoken
of as a memorial to her.”

Mark 14 : 9

Why did Jesus give such emphasis to her deed?
Why did He say to-“tell about it everywhere”?-

1. She was a sinner who had been forgiven by Jesus.
2. She loved her Savior.
3. She put her love into action.
4. She had a sense of urgency.
5. And she did what she  could.

Every one has Spiritual ‘gifts’ – given by God –
to be used in service for others.
We cannot all do the same things-
as we have different gifts.
But we all can do something!

If we all used our “gifts’- to help others-
think what would happen.

May He also say to us- that we did what we could.

Have a Blessed SABBATH.

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love the Lord













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