“I Am the Ressurection..”

he arose


 “I am the resurrection and the life.
He, who believes in me, though he may die,
he shall live.”
John 11 : 25

On the Sunday morning the women
came to the tomb bringing spices.
As they approached the tomb-
the big problem on their mind was-
“Who shall roll away the stone?”

 But Before that:-
“And, behold there was a great earthquake for the
angel of the Lord descended from heaven.”
“His Countenance was like lightning,
and his raiment white as snow”-
“With fear the soldiers did shake-
and became as dead men.”

The angel rolled away the stone and said-
Son of God, come forth;  Thy father calls Thee”.
They see Jesus come forth in majesty and glory-
the angel host bow low in adoration before the redeemer,
and welcome Him with songs of praise.

The graves that were opened on Friday
when Christ died – now when Christ rose
-many righteous dead- came forth from their graves.
as a witness that He had risen.
Those saints came forth glorified-
chosen and holy ones of every age-
from creation down to the time of Jesus;
to testify and declare His glory.
Later these people were seen by many-
saying ..”We be raised with Him”.

The women–feared that their enemies
had taken away the body;
Suddenly they beheld two angels in white.
They told them the news that Jesus was not there -He had risen,
They instructed them to go and tell the disciples the news.
He would go before them to Galilee.
With fear and great joy the women hurried
back to the sorrowing disciples-
to tell them all they had seen and heard.
They ran hastily to the tomb – John and Peter-
rushing in-they saw the tomb empty- so they returned –
marveling at what they had seen and heard.


1mary & J

Mary- lingered by the tomb.
She looked again into the sepulcher-
and she broke down in bitter weeping.
As she turned away she saw Jesus standing near-
but she did not recognize Him.
He spoke to her tenderly
inquiring the cause of her weeping.
Thinking He was the gardener she begged Him
to tell her where he had laid Him.

Jesus spoke to her- “Mary.”-
Recognizing His voice she said,
“Master”- and wanted to embrace Him.
Jesus said- “Do not touch Me-
I have  not yet ascended to my Father-“

But go and tell my disciples and ‘Peter ‘ that I go to my Father-
and I will meet them in Galilee,”   – John 20.
Joyfully she hastened to tell them what she had seen and heard.

Jesus ascended to His Father-
Angels- surrounded the Son of God.
They lifted the everlasting gates-
that the king of Glory might come in.
Jesus was in the presence of His Father-
“This is my Son- in whom I am well pleased.”

Then Jesus returned to earth-
to meet His disciples as promised. He gave us HOPE.




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