Luke 3 : 22
And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him,
and a Voice came from heaven which said-
“You are My beloved Son;  in You I am well pleased.”
I dedicate my Journal today – to Chi Senior
a beautiful lady who came to hear about the Bible Sabbath
when she listened to- the local radio on 3ABN 
informing her of the SDA Church. And she started attending.
On Sabbath 7th June 2014- Chi will give herself to the Lord-
By being Baptized- Thanks be to God!
 Immediately after He was baptized, as He was praying,
the heavens were opened and a dove came down
and rested
on Jesus.
It was the Spirit of God in the form of a dove
that had come down to show who Jesus was.
Suddenly there was a voice from heaven saying,
“You are my beloved Son,  in whom I am well pleased”.
The dove and the voice of God were a sign to John,
that Jesus was the Messiah who had been promised.
Baptism symbolizes and declares our new faith in Christ
and our trust in His forgiveness.
Buried in the water,  we arise to a new life in Jesus,
empowered by the Holy Spirit.

By baptism we confess our faith
in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
and testify of our death to sin
and of our purpose to walk in newness of life.
are received as members of His church.

Baptism is a symbol of our union with Christ,
the forgiveness of our sins,
and our reception of the Holy Spirit.
Baptism is by immersion in water,
and is an affirmation of faith in Jesus
and evidence of repentance of sin.
It follows instruction in the Holy Scriptures
and acceptance of their teachings. [Fundamental Beliefs, 14]

May you be BLESSED this Sabbath-

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