My Redeemer Lives!

Live by Faith


And as for me,  I know my REDEEMER LIVES,
and at the last He will take His stand on the Earth.
Job 19 : 25

The amazing thing is that in spite of Job’s
misunderstanding  of God’s character,
Job would not give up his faith in God’s love for him
and the hope of the resurrection
and eternal life at the end of time.

This text strongly indicates Job had struggled in his thinking
and feelings from despair to confidence and hope.
“From the depths of discouragement and despondency –
Job rose to heights of implicit trust in the mercy
and the saving power of God.”  {P & P -E G White}}

The story of Job and God’s dealing with him
is one of the most encouraging episodes found in Scripture.
We too may have troubles in our lives – we pray that like Job –
we will never loose our confidence in our Lord.

We have the Blessed Hope – of a Resurrection-
And a Second Advent- For those who love the Lord
and look for His coming.

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