heavens declare                                                              ****

The Lord, the Lord God,
compassionate and gracious,
slow to anger, and abounding in
lovingkindness and truth.”
Exodus 34 : 6

The word “GLORY”-
appears 400 times in Scripture-
so it must be important.

How does Scripture use it –
when it relates to  “God’s Glory”?
In response to Moses’ request
for God to show him .His Glory;’
God used the words –
“Compassionate- gracious- slow to anger-“
gives it a new meaning-
the virtue of– God’s Character.

God’s special “Glory”- is ‘His Character.’
Heaven judges a person’s true value by character-
not by talents, wealth or position.

This is how God shows us how to be people of glory.
It is the HOLY SPIRIT-
that creates God’s qualities in us.

We have daily opportunities to be “glorious people”-
as we develop the same character traits that our Lord has.


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Joy of the Lord



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