“A SAD DAY..” July 18th 2014!

Wipe eyes


July  18th 2014      

Today is a sad day for the whole world –
as we moan the tragic deaths –
following the Air crash of HM 17-
Malaysian Aircraft – killing all 295 passengers & crew.
Shot down over Ukraine Skies.


“Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil;
for You are with me.”
  Psalms 23 : 4

Death is ever present – no matter how or when.
So hard to accept under such circumstances!
What can you say or do to the –
The reaction is panic and disbelief –
How can this happen?

When this accident happened –
only it is NO accident-
it was a planned attack.-
How does the world react??  It is not easy!

When we face death –
everything else becomes quite unimportant.
We can only Pray for the families
who at this time are asking WHY??

May God – through His loving kindness
wrap His arms around those who are heart broken..
We can only PRAY for these families –
that they can get answers for this dreadful loss.

Our thoughts and Prayers are with them –
who have lost loved ones.

Look forward to our heavenly home-
No tears or death or sorrow there!

God’ blessings- Trust in the Lord always-

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pure in heart



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