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Change not1

“Our Lord and our God— Without Your help we cannot face the YEAR before us”

“I am the Lord-  All powerful and I never change” Malachi 3:6

God stands between the year past and the one before us.
The Light of His Presence is set before this year ahead of us.
Over the past year He hides our trouble, sorrow and disappointment.
Dwell not on the past only on the present. Store the Blessings from the past.
Encourage yourself by the thought of these.

Bury your fears for the future-  poverty to some-  suffering or loss.
Thoughts of unkindness,  your bitterness and dislikes-
Your sense of failure , disappointments-  your gloom and despondency-
Let us leave it ALL BEHIND and go forward in this New Year.

Remember- not to see the future as the world does.
God holds this Year in His hands –
We have to trust Him.He has promised…

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