I am the way ****

Jesus said to him,- ” I  am the WAY, and the TRUTH,
and the LIFE, no one comes to the Father,
but through ME.”  John 14 : 6          

This  text excludes any other way to… heaven.
There are other texts in Scripture
which teach the same fundamental facts.
The Parable of the “Good Shepherd tells us that
– “Jesus is the door to the sheepfold”

Jesus used the above Text- when speaking to Thomas-
When he asked Jesus-
“How do you know the way?” {John 14: 5}
From the beginning until this moment,
Jesus has been the the ONLY WAY.    

He is “OUR WAY”-   We praise him for showing us the WAY-.


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my sheep hear my voice


“JESUS – Sets us Free…”

John 3;16                                                                                        ***

…”If therefore the SON shall set you FREE,
you shall be free indeed.” John 8 : 36

As He liberates us from our critical
and jealous attitudes-
He molds us into the image of God.

“We all, with unveiled face
beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord,
are being transformed into the same image
from glory to glory.

Prayer changes us.
We behold the glory of Jesus
as we commune with Him.
And his glory in our lives
transforms us into His likeness.

We do not set out to change ourselves
by making a plan for ourselves and
then asking God to help us fulfill it.
Rather as we commune with Him we get
to know and trust Him..
We ask Him to take control of our
thoughts, motives, and actions.

Pray – for renewed hope and determination
to be transformed by Him into His likeness.


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I am the Lord

“Because He Cares…”

charge over you


Commit your ways to the Lord;
trust also in Him,
and He shall bring it to pass.
Psalms 37:5

“Worry”- is looking into the future without God in the picture.

The cure for “worry” – is in the hand of God.
The devil is robbing many of victorious living,
because they do not realize that
worry is one of his devices.
When the sinister shadows of worry
threaten our lives we are to turn them over
to our heavenly Father –
who cares for us and wishes to
relieve us of our burdens of anxiety.

 Many times the things we spend so much energy
being concerned about never happen.
We will overcome – Trust in the LORD always.


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Do not fear

“MUSIC ….The sound of JOY”..

worship the Lord


WORSHIP the Lord in the splendor of His holiness ….
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good:
His LOVE endures forever.”
1 Chronicles 16 : 34.

Music touched both the private and public lives
of the Hebrews in the Old Testament.
In their social gatherings and their processions-
whether religious, triumphal, bridal or funeral –
MUSIC played an integral part.
In David’s and Solomon’s court, choirs of men
and women were involved.

Psalms were sung to chants or
simple melodies accompanied by instruments.

In The New Testament we read an
experience of Jesus coming into
the house of a Synagogue official
whose daughter had died…
“He saw the flute-players,
and the crowd in noisy disorder.
Jesus said to the crowd -“
Depart, for the girl is not
but is asleep. “{Matthew 9:23-24}
What part did the music caused the people
to be disorderly and noisy?

MUSIC – when rightly used is a
powerful form of “PRAISE.”
It is an effective way to help young people
memorize words as they repeat it in song.

MUSIC- has power to subdue,power to quicken
thought and to awaken sympathy.

To promote harmony of action and to
banish the gloom that destroys
courage and weaken efforts.

Unfortunately, Satan realizes the powerof music
and is skilled in exciting and charming
human minds with music that does
not elevate our thinking.

We recognize that personal taste
plays a part in what kind of music people appreciate.
Too often even some Christian music
with discordant sounds does not
elevate our souls.

So we need to PRAISE GOD for MUSIC –
that builds us spiritually.
Thank Him for the marvelous Hymns we can sing.
Sing joyfully to the Lord in melodious MUSIC!

God’s Blessings -Happy Sabbath.


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sing to the lord

“Be Still…..”

Be still 2


“Happy Sabbath”

Be still and Know that I am God…” Psalms  46 : 10

An artist was  invited to paint a picture of his concept of  ‘Peace’
He  placed upon the canvas a thundering waterfall –
over a bare and jagged rock.
The tempest was raging. The rain was being dashed
in torrents against the rock.
But there, in a  little cleft, protected from the storm,
sat a mother bird on her nest, calm, contended,
and unharmed by the raging elements all about her.
He labeled his picture- “Peace.” 

We need a soul-rest in the midst of the battle
between good and evil.
Spiritual Peace-  is possible
 in spite of the storms around about us.


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God is good