From Small Beginnings…

***Singing                                                                                          ****

“Arise, shine:  for your light has come! … ” Isiah 60 : 1

In 1844 the first Sabbath-observing
Adventist group came into being.
On May 21 -1863 in Battle Creek, Michigan,
that the First General Conference was organized
and adopted -to this day. {Every 5 Years.}

From that small beginning,
a worldwide movement began.
What a vision for our pioneers?

Ellen G White said  – “I looked intensely over the world,
and I began to see jets of light like stars
dotted all through this darkness,
and then I saw another and another added light,
and so through this darkness the
starlike lights were increasing.”

And the angel said  – “These are they that believe
on the Lord Jesus Christ;
and obey the words of Christ-
These are the Lights of the world.”

“And I saw then theses little jets
and from the north to the south –
and the east to the west-
and finally lightening the whole world.”
{Selected Messages, book1}

This is going to be an amazing
fulfillment of this Prophecy.

The Commission is -“Go ye into all the world –
and spread the gospel.” Just work where you are!


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