~Productive ~ “FAITH”~

New creation                                                                            &&&

“But the ones that fell on good ground are those who,
having heard the word with a noble and good heart,
keep it and
bear fruit with Patience..”
Luke 8 : 15

The PARABLE of the “Sower” illustrates-
four responses to God’s Word.

1. No faith -Hardened path. .No soil preparation.
No receptivity and no germination.
No harvest. Eaten by the birds of the air.
Rocky ground.

2. Faith without conviction
Not enough dept of soil to provide
stability for the plants.
They never became firmly rooted.
They represent those who listen
but when the time comes
that it costs something to believe –
they give up faith. Lack of conviction.

3. Faith without commitment  –
They represent those who entertain
competing interests in their lives.
Lack commitment and singleness
of mind and purpose.
They are choked with the
things of the world.
After receiving the word-
they  give their attention
to greed and things insignificant.
Crowded by weeds that destroy.
Material things crowd out faith;
they do not possess.

4. Reproducing Faith –
They respond with a high degree of receptivity.
The soil has been prepared and therefore
good receptive ground.
Rocks have been removed and weeds eradicated.
Under these circumstances the
“Gospel Seed”- reproduces itself many times.
The kingdom of God enlarges.

Faith that takes root and trusts the Object Of Faith
in spite of changing circumstances – is reproductive.

Faith that yields an abundant HARVEST!

When the LORD is the object of our FAITH –
He will give us an increase – and make us fruitful.

“It is the WORD of God”.



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Autumn Sunset on a little Lake in Bavaria, Germany


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