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“And who knows whether you
have not attained royalty
for such a time as this?”
Esther 4: 14

Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai,
made a difficult decision to  appeal
to King Ahasuerus  to save their people- The Jews.
Esther instructed him to summon all the Jews
to join her and her maidens in fasting and praying.

She said- “If I perish- I perish.” 
She had decided to risk her life
by illegally appearing before the king.
Her courage and faith stemmed from her early life-
Mordacai had taught her the faith of her people.
Her life had its focus on God
instead of herself.

She made the decision to sacrifice her life
if necessary for the sake  of  her people.
Esther believed God had a plan for her life
compelled her to let Him use her to fulfill it.

Esther, by following God’s leading,
brought salvation to her people.
Their marvelous victory resulted in a festival
of thanksgiving celebration – known as PURIM-
which Jews celebrate even today.

God has made a plan for us too-
Do you believe He has put you
where you are for a purpose?-
For such a time as this?
We can confidently and joyfully accomplish
great things for God-
by bringing His LOVE .to someone.



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