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 “Above all, taking the Shield of Faith
with which you will be able to quench
all the fiery darts of the wicked one.”
Ephesians 6 : 16

Paul seems to indicate that the ‘shield’
is more necessary than
any other piece of the armor.
The soldier can turn it in any direction
to protect any exposed part of the body.
The shield Is made in such a way-
to deflect the deadly darts and
render them ineffective.

We might think of them as the
fiery devices of ancient times.
Setting fire to buildings and clothing.

What is this ‘Shield of Faith’
that protects us against enemy weapons?
Faith is belief, trust and
confidence in the Word of God;
It is our confidence in His Word.

The ‘Shield of faith’-
turns aside the devil’s darts of hate,
lust, revenge,and despair.
Faith is the victory
that overcomes the world-
{1 John 5:4}.
It is by grace through faith
that we are saved-  {Ehp. 2;8}
We receive the holy Spirit by faith.
{Gal. 3:14}

Faith comes to us as a gift from God.
It is LOVE for and TRUST in God
and in the promises that He
has given us in his Word.
We must lay aside an unconsecrated heart –
and take up the Shield of Faith.


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He was pierced



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