WISDOM = Knowledge + Understanding!

wisdom                                        +++

“The Knowledge of the Holy One is Understanding”
Proverbs 9:10

Some people have Special Gifts – like Giving; Helping; Hospitality;  Health & healing;

The “Gift of Knowledge” – is the ability to store and recall knowledge from God’s word to meet the need at hand. It has the added dimension of understanding.

Near the end of World War 11 a soldier was seated on a train next to a lady in military uniform- wearing dark glasses and a cape over her shoulders. Fellow passengers watched the soldier hug and kiss the lady.

When a passenger became annoyed -He laid his hand on the soldiers shoulders – in protest.

The serviceman explained – “I was  serving on the front lines- and this lady was a Nurse,-  She was a ministering angel to the wounded and dying.  Then one day a bomb hit the hospital. She lost her sight and one arm. Now she is going home to her family.  And I am going with her- because she is blind – and then too, I’m her brother!”

KNOWLEDGE of the facts gives understanding.- Wisdom does not judge!

proverbs 3


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