“Warnings— And God’s LOVE–“

Wise owl  &&&

“And he said- “Take heed that you be not misled;
for many will come in my name,
saying- “I am He, ….. Do not go after them.”
Luke  21 : 8

The greatest evidence that God is LOVE –
is that he warns us-
to let nothing deceive  us…
So that we loose eternal life.

Matthew 24; Mark 13 and Luke 21
-Outlines the Last day Events.

God in His love- shares with us warnings
in order to avoid the pitfalls
of deception.

Love for the One   – who is the
truth,  the way  and the life-
is the key to not being deceived.

As the last great crisis breaks upon the world,
those who love Christ
and eagerly await His coming-
will find refuge and safety
in holding on to Scripture- alone.

“Every man that hath this hope
in Him purifieth 
even as He is pure,” 1 John 3:3


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