Women – of God’s Calling….



The last 2 weeks I have focused my thoughts around – “Christ like WOMEN”-
Chosen by God for a special purpose. It makes me feel special.
God has used women in the Bible for so much good-
.As examples – with special roles as I have mentioned.

Be honored women – Proverbs 31 speaks of a “Model Woman” –
It also comes with responsibility

 It describes the qualities of God’s Beautiful woman;
Her price is greater than Rubies
It speaks of  Gracious, Blessed,  Women called by God.
( I have  included some of them this week)

I encourage you to read – Proverbs 31. 
This is what God wants from a woman-

– She does her husband good.  –  She is industrious. –  Generous.
– Home keeper and  a reliable  Mother, – She  helps the needy.
– She is honorable, wise and kind.-
-She looks to the future. making preparation.

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