Grass withers                                                                              ****

It is written,- “Man, shall not live by bread alone,
but out of every word that proceedsut of the mouth of God.”
Matthew 4 : 4

Notice that the three Statements- Jesus used to answer Satan’s temptations
came from the Book of  Deuteronomy .

2nd Temptation- ” Don’t Tempt God ”

3rd Temptation- “Worship God or Possessions.”

The Old Testament was the only Bible Jesus knew- and He knew it well.
Jesus not only believed the Scriptures but He had inspired the
Prophets to write them.

The idea that man shall not live by ‘bread alone’
– strengthened Jesus during a critical moment of his life.
The world’s destiny hung on His response to Satan’s temptations..
Had Jesus- with His hunger pangs turned those stones into bread,
Satan would have conquered. But Christ held appetite power
subject to His FAITH- in the POWER of GOD’S Word.

Every promise in God’s Word is ours.
‘By every WORD that proceedeth
out of the mouth of God are we to live.
When assailed by temptation, look not to circumstances
or to the weakness of self, but to THE POWER OF THE WORD.
All His strength is yours.” {Desire of Ages, p.123}

Jesus won the battle with Satan.We owe our lives to Him for His victory.
And he stands ready to help us in our struggles today.

REJOICE  in our Lord’s VICTORY.


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His Love endures



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