“Behold, I say to you,
lift up your eyes and look on the fields,
for they are already white for harvest!”
John 4 : 35

The FIELD is the “World”…
The harvest is the end of the age –

How do we look on the fields?
–  What can we do?

First we should look where we are-
The area closest to where we are.
Choose our family, our friends, associates,
and our neighbors.

“Not one is made to suffer the wrath of God,
until the -TRUTH- has been brought home
to his mind and conscience,
and has been rejected—
Everyone is to have sufficient LIGHT
to make his decision intelligently”
{The Great Controversy…E G White}

Do we really believe that all must
have sufficient light to make a decision?

Look at the fields and their potential
harvest and see ourselves –
as one of the REAPERS.

May God Bless us – as we serve Him-
Happy Sabbath-

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