“Who Is Your Neighbor”…

Love one another


“He went over to him, poured oil
and wine on his wounds and bandaged them;
then he put the man on his own animal,
and took him to an inn.”
Luke 10; 34

Probably the most familiar of the parables of Jesus
is that of “The Good Samaritan” –
which was given in answer to the question
Who is my neighbor?” 

Lets look at the “Traveler”-
Can you feel the stones of that rocky path
as he hurries down the mountain road to Jericho?
He knew there were robbers in the area.
Then suddenly a strong arm and a heavy fist.
– he falls to the ground.
And strips him of his clothes and his possessions –
and leave him there.

He lies in the hot sun-
wondering if he is going to die-
TWO people come over and looks at him
and walks away on the other side of the road.
He is lying there waiting –
when suddenly he was aware of someone
bending over him.
A kind face full of pity looks
at him and gently lifts him up-
cleaned his wounds with oil and wine-
and bandages them.

The stranger gently lifts him up
and places him on his donkey.
He takes the bruised and bleeding man to an inn-
and takes care of him.
When he leaves he gives the inn keeper money
to care for this man until he is better.
And if there is any more to pay he will do so.on his return.

The Inn Keeper is faithful to provide his
needs until he is better to leave.
So who was the good neighbor in the parable?

Jesus is the “Good Samaritan”-
What about the Inn and the inn Keeper?
That played apart in this mans rescue?-
It could be resembled to God’s Church-
where sin- wounded people are brought
to be tenderly cared for
by Christians- the Inn keeper in the story.

The Church is a place where, under JESUS-
sinners can come and be made well.

So do Good to Others – as God does good to us.


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“Seeking the Lost…”



 ” Just as a father has compassion on his children,
So the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.
Psalms 103 : 13

“A certain man had two sons; and the younger
of them said to his father,
“Father, give me the share  of the estate that falls to me.”
And he divided his wealth between them.”  v 11-12

This well known parable goes on to tell what happened to this son-
He went to a far country – He wasted his share of the money-
Until he found himself in a miserable place looking after ‘pigs’
{Hardly a job for a Jewish lad}.
He had nothing to eat but the pods that the pigs ate.

When he came to his senses – he thought of his father’s home.
He thought perhaps if he returned home
he could work as a hired servant for his father-
At least he would get better food than this!
So he decided to return home.

 “While he was a long way off, his father saw him,
and ran to meet him and embraced him and kissed him…”
v 20-23

This passage brings out touching details of a father’s love.
Notice the son returns as he was.- wearing filthy clothes.
Worn out shoes on his feet, and the smell of the pigpen
he left behind.  The father runs to meet his lost son;
throws his arms around his neck and kisses him
and welcomes him back home.

What a wonderful parable –
It represents our Father’s love, for His children.
This grand reunion was totally unexpected by
the wayward son,
who did not understand his fathers character.
The son operated on the principle of salvation
by works and not faith in his father’s love.

This is how “our Heavenly Father” is.
The welcome home feast with the new robe
is a gift to to all sinners. The glorious truth is-
that salvation is ours as a love gift from God.

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“It will be Remembered..”



“She has done, what she could.
She has come beforehand
to anoint My body for burial.”

Mark 14 : 8

The night before the “Triumphal  entry”-
Jesus attended a feast at the house of Simon.
A leaper- healed earlier by Jesus.
It was on this occasion that Mary Magdalene
broke a box of alabaster and anointed
Jesus with this costly ointment.
And dries his feet with her hair.

Others who were there criticized her,
but Jesus defended her saying   –
“Wherever this gospel is preached
throughout the world,

what this woman did will be spoken
of as a memorial to her.”

Mark 14 : 9

Why did Jesus give such emphasis to her deed?
Why did He say to-“tell about it everywhere”?-

1. She was a sinner who had been forgiven by Jesus.
2. She loved her Savior.
3. She put her love into action.
4. She had a…

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