“GOD’S Kingdom-” – in the Heart …

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Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.”
Luke 17 : 21    

When the Pharisees came to Jesus- demanding-
“When the kingdom of God should come?”
Jesus  answered, “The kingdom of God cometh
not with outward show….
For behold the kingdom of God is within you.”

The kingdom of God begins at the heart  –
Look not here or there for earthly manifestations to

The works of Christ not only declared Him to be the Messiah,
but showed in what matter His KINGDOM was to be established…
It comes through the gentleness of the inspiration of His Word.
Through the inward working of the His Spirit,
the fellowship of the soul with Him who is His life.

The greatest manifestation of His power is seen
in human nature through the Character of Christ.

When God gave His Son to our wold,
He endowed human beings with imperishable riches.
Riches compared with which the treasured wealth of men since the world began.

Christ came to the world and stood before the sons of men-
with the love of eternity and
this is the treasure through our connection with Him.
E. G. White.


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