“What is your Occupation?”

will of my father*****

Then they said to him — “Please tell us!
For whose cause is this trouble upon us?
What is your occupation?
And where do you come from?
What is your country?
And of what people are YOU?
Jonah 1 : 8 

Jonah paid the fare in order to board the ship bound for Tarshis.
We always pay a price when we try to run away from God.

From the time Jonah decided to go in the opposite direction
from the way God was calling him, he went-
down; down ; down-
He went down to Joppa- down into the ship-
and down into the belly of the great fish.

God allowed a storm to come
in order for Jonah to learn to obey.
Perhaps there has been times when the Lord
has allowed “storms” to sweep over our lives
in order for us to learn lessons for our eternal good.

During this tempest – Jonah was asleep.
He was awakened by the sailor’s question-
“What do you mean -sleeper?”
“Arise, call on your God” and
“What is your occupation?”
{Jonah 1:6,8}

“If we have been following Jesus- step by step,
we shall have something right to tell-
concerning the way in which He has lead us….
This is the witness for which our Lord calls,
and for what of which the world is perishing.”

{The Desire of Ages- E.G. White}

It was apparent that Jonah’s unfaithfulness
was bringing trouble to those on the ship.
God’s people should be part of the solution,
not part of the problem
and it is especially sad when the preacher
has to be thrown out in order to solve the problem-
and restore tranquillity.

God wants us to excel in our occupation –
for witnessing and glorifying God in the work place.

Wishing you God’s Blessings- Happy Sabbath!

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