“Reflecting CHRIST’S Love…”

faith comes from hearing                                                                                 ****

Then said Jesus to them again,
“Peace be unto you, as My Father has sent me –
even so SEND I You.”  John 20: 21

“We should seek to know and appreciate the TRUTH-
so that we may present it to others-
as it is in Jesus.
We should seek most earnestly to know God’s way.
Our constant prayer would be
that we might have the mind of Christ.
It is by looking and beholding –
Having our eyes fixed upon Him-
that we become changed into His likeness.

He will give GRACE to all who keep His way,
and do His will and walk in Truth.

All heaven is filled with amazement.
that when His LOVE –
so broad, so deep, so rich and full-
Is presented to men who know the
love of our Lord Jesus Christ-
will change their lives too.

These ‘Gems of Truth” –
are to be gathered up by God’s people –
and to be given by them to the world.
They are to reflect this LOVE in their character-
to the world.

“Each should look upon  this as his/her work.
Christ’s fullness is to presented to the world
by those who have become partakers of His Grace.
They are to do that for Christ –
who did it for His Father… Reflect  His Character.”

E G. White

Wishing you a Blessed Sabbath.

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Hea m prayer



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