“Born for a PURPOSE!”…

Lord ur refuge


Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and
before you were born I consecrated you:
 I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.”
Jeramiah : 1 :  4-5

Did Jeramiah’s experience apply only to him?
So powerful was the concept of God’s plan for Jeramiah’s life that the
Prophet introduces his Book with it. His family turned against him,
even to the point of wanting to kill him.
The whole nation rejected  him.

He worked under the most depressing circumstances
He  knew God had planned his life and work.
Sometimes he was overwhelmed and distressed.
that at one point that he decided not to speak for awhile.

But it was impossible for him to keep his mouth shut when
he knew that God had a plan for his life. The
Word of God like a fire in his bones,

Each of us – have been in God’s mind before we were born.
Wherever or whoever we are. The Lord has a plan for your life.

So we need to hold fast to that fact.
So when life gets rough and futile
Remember you cannot defeat the Lord He
is with you -to make a difference in you and me.


Wishing you a BLESSED SABBATH–

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