“Give me tomorrow…”

mountains be shaken


“Now my days are swifter than a runner;  they flee away, they see no good.
They slip by like reed boats,  like an eagle that swoops on its prey.

Job 9 : 25-26  (NASB)

Life at best is short.
Job’s descriptive language of life’s swiftness includes- ‘runners; boats and an eagle.
It seems -when we finally seem prepared to fully live life- it departs from us.
For most- our retirement years- speeds up even faster.

In view of the fleeting of time – wouldn’t it be well to make the best of our time.
Savor  every minute of life by looking for ways to be an honor to God
and a blessing to others.
TIME ,  like all lost opportunities, never returns.
This is your moment now- tomorrow may never come.

During the Korean War, when US Troops, facing enormous odds,
they had to retreat in subzero weather-
When a soldier was asked – ” If God could grant you anything you wished,
what would you most like to have?”
His famous answer-
Give me tomorrow’ – was widely broadcast and remembered.

It is interesting to note-
that Job’s pain caused him to wish he had never been born.
Then when he felt better- he complained that life was swifter than  a swooping eagle.
His emotions then are the same as  peoples today
…”Wise in heart, and mighty in strength, who has defined Him without harm.”
{ Job 9:3-4 }

Job could only trust in God’s goodness and believe that someday –
God would make things plain.
We too, do not understand the Lord’s ways,
but we can trust His LOVE and His PROMISES for us.
Ask ourselves-  “Do we??”

The caption  above / below are wonderful Promises  of what God does for us – Thank you Lord.