“I will GUIDE you- “……{Promise}

Guide thee


“……. I am ready to preach the Gospel…. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation to every one that believes……”
Romans 1:14-16

The Apostle Paul- looked upon the world and saw it filled with
radical hatred, immorality, hypocrisy, wars and pain.
He saw people who were unhappy, hopeless, and confused.
And he said – “I am in debt to all these people”

But Paul did not feel this debt towards people-
until the day he was  on his way to Damascus from Jerusalem-
When he had a very real encounter with Jesus.
In that experience he saw that ‘heavenly ‘light’- that transformed his life.
It was a mission that remained clear to him till the end of his days.

Prior to this encounter- Paul was a zealous proud Pharisee –
He had papers of authority – to accuse , persecute , put in jail and even to kill –
Followers of Christ

Paul’s encounter that day  changed the direction his life-
It brought him freedom from -envy, hatred and bigotry-
It filled his heart with Love!

It gave him ‘Peace of mind  and a Purpose for living-‘.
He realized he had received something of great value-
which made him feel a ‘debtor  to all mankind’.

He was indebted to the Christians who later accepted and loved him-
and to the non- Christians who had not had the chance to experience
the riches of God’s love in Christ Jesus.

Paul from then on felt he owed it to everybody
to share with them what God had given him.

Do we have that feeling?- To share with others what God has done for you / me?

Help me Lord- to let You guide me –  instruct and teach me –
to do something for someone –
And to show them your LOVE.
We only have to do what we can – Take every opportunity given to us-