Finding Peace.

Daily Living

His goal is  to make you happy- His goal is to make you HIS.

His goal is not to give you what you want-

His goal is to give you what you need.  I want His Peace.

God says- “I am with you always – blessing and helping you.
Take ‘JOY’ wherever you go and pass every blessing on.
Love can and does go  round the world  – So pass it one to another.”

“Shed a little ‘sunshine’ – in the heart of someone –
That one is cheered to pass it on.

Be ‘transmitters’ –  of  love and laughter.
Always seek to understand others and you cannot fail to love them.”

I want to see myself – in the dull,  the uninteresting,  and unhappy.
I want to see myself in the laughter of children
and in the sweetness of old age,
in the courage of youth and  patient with those in a hurry.

Have Peace in the Lord.

p on earth


Daily Living – Opal’s Journal.

Opal in the Fountain

I  am Opal Massey. I moved to Australia from England 7 years ago.

I am a retired RN.-.Trained in UK.

I have decided to write some thing Positive – called  “DAILY LIVING”.

It is to help me reflect on what God has done for me and how I have been BLESSED.

Thank you for visiting this page-
Hope you  will  gain something from this too..

Please leave any comments as you feel impressed  .

“Have a Happy Day.”